Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Afghan for Benefit

Since I'm a member of Crochetville and I see lots of people with crochet blogs on there, I figured I'd start one for myself.

I recently made a small afghan for a benefit for a woman from our church who has ovarian cancer. It took me a couple of weeks to finish. I used the Diagonal Box Stitch and just randomly chose colors from a bag full of yarn that I had doing 8 rows of each. When I got to the half way point, I reversed the colors and worked my way back. I thought it turned out nicely - not beautiful but kind of nice. I did mess up when I was doing the second half by using Red Heart Celery instead of Frosty Green but luckily the colors are kind of close so hopefully the recipient of the ghan won't notice.

I added a tag to the ghan which said "This afghan was created by Sharon in a cat-friendly home using the Diagonal Box Stitch. It measures approximately 45"x55"

The inside of the tag said that I had prayed for both the receiver and the giver (if it turned out to be a gift) and I gave washing instructions.

The model in the pic is my silly, Seymour kitty.